Iggy’s complications have lessened

Bad news though – BLAST cells are already seen in his peripheral blood test results. From 10% two days ago to 65% today. Blasts are the concrete indication that the leukemia is definitely back. The new drug Clofarabine has already arrived but is still in the customs.

He has on and off fever and is because of the leukemia cells infiltrating already. Still on 24/7 reliever in patch form.

He is off his IV nourishment and eats anything, and everything…Off oxygen, off cardiac monitor and no more catheter. Another high point is that iggy remains to be in good spirits and remains to be faithfull.

The earlier he is able to undergo the next chemotherapy cycle, the better. The drug is relatively new. Iggy is the 1st patient to use it in our country. May we request continued prayers that he goes into remission once again, and that his body can handle the complications and side effects of the chemo cycle?

Visitors are very welcome to cheer him up but be required to go through proper sterilization protocol.

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