A longer update from Mrs. Villanueva


Its been close to 6 months since that fateful day in January. The life changing situation that came to our family’s way is by no means about to end yet…

But never the less, I would like to THANK YOU for everything you have done for us…the prayers, the encouragement, the time, the effort, the financial and material help, the friendship, your presence means so much…

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Here is the latest fund-raising update

From the admins of the Facebook group:

An unaudited count of Iggy’s transplant fund reveals that we have already raised PHP2.5 million! Combined with a surplus of PHP500,000 from the NKTI/chemo fund, the Villanuevas have PHP3 million to use for the transplant. Barring a protracted search for a marrow donor (and more chemo sessions), we only have PHP2 million more to go!

Despite the progress, all seems disturbingly quiet in the fund-raising front. With the exception of two (maybe three) separate efforts to hold benefit concerts, not much else is happening.

May we remind all those who had finished their fundraisers to finish their auditing and turn over the proceeds to the Villanuevas?

Can we also get updates on the other teams, like Team USA and Team Dumaguete?

In the meantime, if you are connected with companies like San Miguel, PDI or ABS-CBN, we encourage you to help us get drink sponsors for the concert/s. If you’d like to volunteer for the production and coordination, let us know, too. This is your chance to be a groupie for a cause.

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Iggy seems to be enjoying life away from the hospital…

Despite a short period of adjustment (he missed NKTI’s free cable TV!), he is living the closest thing he’s had to normal existence, since being diagnosed with AML. His sister is home from school; the twins have moved from Bacolod to Manila, to be with him and the rest of the family. His mom even let him leave “home” for two hours, to have dinner with his girlfriend Kiara.

While he waits for a marrow donor, he periodically returns to the hospital for blood transfusions. Next week, he is due for his fourth chemo session.

Beng hopes that this will be his last chemo and that the marrow transplant team will find the right donor within a month. The doctors are conducting a worldwide search; currently, they are tissue-typing potential donors in Germany.

Cross your fingers, everyone. The sooner they find a donor, the stronger Iggy will be for the arduous and painful transplant.

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Iggy is getting out of the hospital!

Great news indeed.

Occasionally, he will report to NKTI (or St. Luke’s) for outpatient treatment. One such procedure will probably be chemotherapy, which Iggy will continue to receive every month, until the doctors find a new bone marrow donor.

Essentially, from here on, it’s a waiting game for Iggy. The best we can do is to pray that a marrow donor is found soon, and to keep up the fundraising efforts.

Fundraiser info: The Business Management Society of DLSU is organizing another garage sale. If you would like to support their event by donating new or pre-owned items, please get in touch with Alex (09063425616).

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A message from Mrs. Villanueva

Great news!

Dear Families and Friends,

Thank your for your prayers! Bone marrow aspiration results came in today, and results were good… Iggy is now making his own platelets!!! Yes, it means, his bone marrow is producing good blood cells. His will to become OUR MIRACLE altogether is so strong, that I truly believe that healing is now our reality. Thank you so much for sharing your prayers, your gift of time and money to us… We are now preparing Iggy for his last chemotherapy, please pray that days ahead will be better and brighter! I will keep you posted on when the transplant will be started. Again, blessings of health, wealth and love to each of you. Plenty of love and gratitude from my family to yours… God bless you and keep you and your loved ones…


vivien and iggy

P.S. We are smiling already…because brighter days are definitely ahead!

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More fund-raising information

Event: There will be a benefit dinner for Iggy at Cafe Antonio in Dumaguete this Saturday, March 21.  Tickets are priced at 200 pesos each (50% of which will go to the fund for Iggy, while the other 50% will be used to cover expenses).  Shirts and ballers will also be available for purchase at the event.  For more information, you may get in touch with Rochelle (rochelle_tumapa@yahoo.com).

Merchandise: Fund-raising merchandise will soon be available to those in North America, thanks to Andee.  Please let us know if you would like to pre-order.

Fund-raising efforts have to be kicked up a notch these days as Iggy is expected to undergo bone marrow transplant two or three weeks from now, and a deposit of Php 1.65 million is needed.

The good news is that this means Iggy is strong enough for the procedure.  Here is the latest on Iggy’s health:

March 17: Things are definitely looking up for Iggy.

Beng reports that the bone marrow aspiration went well. So well, in fact, that Dr. Baylon said Iggy may be strong enough to leave the hospital for a few days.

Of course, flying home to Bacolod is totally out of the question. Since they have no immediate family in Manila, Beng and Iggy elected to remain in the hospital for the duration of his pre-transplant treatment.

To be safe, Dr. Baylon wants Iggy to undergo one last chemo session next week. After that, he will be ready for his transplant, so preparations are now underway for that major and most painful of procedures.

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An urgent need for Type B+ blood

A message from Cynthia Dayco, a friend of Mrs. Villanueva:

Red Cross has run out of Type B+ blood. If you are in Metro Manila, please share some of your blood with Iggy. Come to NKTI or go to the nearest Red Cross office as soon as you can.

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