Iggy’s complications are still being addressed

Drug to lower down heart rate helped. It will be at least six months from now that doctors will be able to find out if cardiomyopathy is irreversible.

Gastro-intestinal as well as kidney better now although he has a catheter. Has been on a total liquid diet for about 1 week but is being encouraged to try soft diet. Iggy is still hooked on TPN (total parenteral nutrition) to make sure that his body remains to be nourished.

Pain was addressed by also hooking him up on pain killers released on a fixed rate and on demand basis. At least, the pain that he rated as 8/10 two days ago is now down to 3/10.

Iggy is still on oxygen and is being given regular breathing exercises to improve lung volume.

He has on and off fever still and is because of the super low WBC counts. Transfusion of WBC will be resumed today and will be done for 3 days again. The doctors are hoping that this will help.

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