Fund-raising events this weekend

The Business Management Society of DLSU will be holding a garage sale this Saturday in Ayala Alabang (Guzman residence).  Please contact the following individuals for more information:

  • Alex: 09063425616
  • Mark: 09273669220
  • Romeo: 09279745535

An iCANCERvive dance party will also be held this Saturday at Prince of Jaipur (10:30 pm).  Tickets are sold for 160 pesos each, and the first 200 people to buy get a free beer/cocktail.  For information and tickets, please call:

  • Des: 09278489789

Proceeds from both events will help fund Iggy’s treatment, so please support them and help spread the word as well.

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Back-to-back events on Saturday

lifesupport Update on Iggy: Iggy just finished his second round of chemo.

Iggy’s system seems to be responding well. His blood count is improving. His disposition is good. He’s eating solid food again. And for the first time in months, he gained weight, 4 pounds in one week. Yey, 46 lbs to go!

(Of course, by now, we know that the side effects of chemo come the week after the drugs are administered. Let’s hope that his improved condition will help ease his pains next week.)

Dr. Baylon and Iggy’s parents also hope that remission will happen before the third round of chemo and that Iggy can be prepped for his marrow transplant sooner rather than later.

Event reminder: Iggy’s high school friends will be hosting two back-to-back events at La Salle-Bacolod this Saturday:  A Meal to Heal (a fund-raising food fair) and LifeSupport (a benefit concert).

For more information, please check out the Events page.

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The latest on Iggy’s condition (UPDATED)

An update on Iggy:

The marrow aspiration results came back, and Dr. Baylon, Iggy’s hematologist, decided to push through with his second round of chemo.

Most likely, the chemo was advanced to force Iggy’s cancer cells in a full retreat. Dr. Baylon hopes this will allow her to proceed with the bone marrow transplant while Iggy is still strong enough.

UPDATE: Day 2 of Round 2 of chemo. Iggy and Beng soldier on, even if it pains both of them.

As we said yesterday, Dr. Baylon hopes that advancing the chemo will force a remission sooner, allowing her to proceed with the bone marrow transplant while Iggy still has some strength and some meat on his bones. (He has lost 50 pounds since his leukemia was discovered.)

Of course, if her gamble pays off, it means that we need to raise at least another PHP1,650,000 really, really soon. That is how large a deposit St. Luke’s requires before Iggy can have his transplant.

Event reminder for this week: Batch 2007’s blood drive

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