About Iggy

Life is going to push you around. It’s going to beat you up, and it’s going to scare you. But then, one day, you realize that you’re not just a survivor; you’re a warrior.
— “One Tree Hill”

Made by Nicole Miranda (La Salle-Bacolod, High School Batch of 2007)


6 Responses to “About Iggy”

  1. Coleen Picart Says:

    We are humbled and grateful for your support.
    We would like to help sell the merchandise here in Baguio City. (Shirts and Ballers)
    The Picart Family
    Baguio City

  2. Mariel Says:

    Hi, Coleen! No problem! We’re happy to help. 🙂

    I forwarded your e-mail address to someone directly involved with the distribution of the shirts and ballers. They will get in touch with you. I think they have someone based in Manila from whom you can get the shirts, so it will be easier compared to getting them from Bacolod.

  3. Jun Says:

    please let me know if we can donate type B blood here in cebu area for Iggy?

  4. ritch quitevis Says:

    hi! let me introduce myself, my name is ritch and i was surprised when my cousin, mafaye, texted me about last sunday’s rated K featuring iggy boy…

    he was my playmate back in quisumbing because my cousin was a boarder at the picart residence. we were kids who were fond of power rangers then…

    will include him in my prayers for a speedy recovery… i will visit this site for activities here baguio…

  5. Aj Arcolas Says:

    hi… iggy was my teammate during the provincial and regional meet last 2006. We competed in many basketball tournaments during high school years.

    Although we’ve just known each other for a short time, he is someone that I look up to, a very good athlete, student and also a good friend.

    Me, my family & the MCA community are always praying for his recovery. Be strong Iggy… God bless.

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