Ways to Help

Iggy bannerDonating blood
If you have Type B blood, please seriously consider being a donor. You may also be a donor even if your blood type does not match Iggy’s. (Red Cross will trade Type B reserves for O, B, A or AB blood.)

More information on blood donation may be found here.

Donating money / supporting fundraisers
Needless to say, the cost of treatment is staggering. Events are being organized to raise money and help pay for chemotherapy, hospital and laboratory fees, medicine, and a bone marrow transplant. Please help this effort either by attending the events or giving money. (PayPal and bank account information will be available upon request.)

Doing research
Help find organizations (or politicians) that could potentially provide assistance. Learn about their programs and how Iggy may apply for support — rules, guidelines, necessary documents, etc.

Going on hospital visits
Keep Mrs. Villanueva company or offer to look after Iggy so she could attend to some things. You could also offer to bring DVDs, reading material or home-cooked food (no food from outside sources).


20 Responses to “Ways to Help”

  1. Corazon Montelibano and PM Jiao Says:

    We’re trying to set up a blood letting here in DLS-HSI and La salle Dasmarinas and it seems to be on the way of pushing through. The said activity can be conducted either through Red Cross or National Kidney Transplant Institute. However, at least 50 pledged donors are needed before they can actually go on with the plan. We were also thinking of having the same activity in some of the universities here in Manila as well. If any of you can spearhead the same plan in your own universities, please let us know so we can coordinate with each other. Thanks!

    PM – 09165293942
    Cor – 09173011011

  2. Corazon Montelibano and PM Jiao Says:

    We were able to talk with our Dean a few minutes ago regarding the bloodletting. Hopefully, we won’t be needing the aid of Red Cross or NKTI here anymore as the bloodletting can be conducted by DLSU Medical Center Bloodbank.

  3. Mariel Says:

    Hey guys! Thank you so much! I’ll post this on the front page. Please let us know when you’ve set a date, so I can add it to the Events page.

  4. sandy Says:

    where can we deposit our donation? what about the shirt, where can we buy them?

  5. Mariel Says:

    Hi Sandy! I’ll e-mail you the bank info that was recently set up by Iggy’s friends. A Paypal account has also been set up by Mrs. Villanueva’s friends, but I still have to ask them about that.

    As for the shirts, they are based in Bacolod and Manila (but may be shipped). The contact info for order placement is on the Merchandise page (just scroll down).


  6. Edma Batadlan Legaspi Says:

    Hello guys,
    How can we send our donation since we are here in Arizona, USA. My friend, Finela Silva Spicer also wants to donate. So, let us know how we can send the money.

    • Mariel Says:

      Hi, Edma! Thank you so much for offering to donate (and to your friend as well)! I forwarded your e-mail address to Mrs. Villanueva’s friend, Cynthia Dayco. She will get in touch with you with the bank and PayPal info.

      Thanks again! 🙂

  7. Elymer Says:

    I really wish I could help out Kuya Iggy but I’m just a student here in abroad. But I’ll try to keep in touch with my friends back there at home to let them know about Kuya Iggy’s condition and how they can help. Hope everything will turn out good. More power to all of you!

  8. sally tiempo Says:

    Hi i am outside philippines. Please let me know how can i send my donation for iggy. thanks and god bless iggy and his family.

  9. Jun Says:

    willing to donate type B, currently my location is in cebu.

  10. Jun Says:

    please publish the paypal’s email so that we could help and send directly to Mrs. Villanueva. thanks

    • Mariel Says:

      Hi Jun! I just e-mailed you a response to your blood donation inquiry. I’ll send you another e-mail with Mrs. Villanueva’s PayPal account.

  11. Mai Says:

    Hi, can you send Paypal account info and/or bank info to my email? Thank you. 🙂

  12. Giselle Says:

    Hi, Need the account number where I could deposit donations for Iggy. Thanks


  13. bay jon Says:

    have you tried seeking assistance from the philippine charity sweepstakes? the procedures are found in their website.

    also, some district congressmen allocate some of their funds for health through dswd. it won’t take much to ask. just a couple of suggestions.

    fight, iggy, fight!!!

  14. gerry Says:

    Nice to know that Iggy do not need blood at the moment. (I was about to proceed to NKI yesterday when I received Mrs. Villanueva’s text message). So you already got my number. Just give me a call when needed or ask the NKI if they would allow you to borrow from my Blood Assurance Plan. Mine is type A+, but could be traded.

  15. Jojo Says:

    I’m based in New York and I just joined the walk for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society last Thursday (www.lls.org) Manhattan Walk from South Seaport to Brooklyn Bridge. Our company is one of the national sponsors and we tried to raise money and awareness too for this dreaded disease. I don’t know how i can help but if you need more info (at least for now) their website is very, very helpful. I know it is not enough comfort to relay all these information but maybe those who wants to help another “Iggy” will be steered and guided towards a cure. Just hoping for the best. I don’t know Iggy personally but my heart goes out to his family, so young and so vibrant in his picture that this young his life will be taken. One of the owner’s of the company who was diagnosed with leukemia also died this year and that prodded us as a company to really fund the organization for research. We hope for the best that together we can find a cure in the future!

    I lauded all your efforts and by setting up this website so a lot of people can help Iggy in their own little way. Don’t stop doing it, continue so you can touch a lot of lives. Kudos to your efforts and cause!

    Singles for Christ-FFL New York

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