An urgent need for B+ blood

To those whose blood type matches Iggy’s, please consider donating before Typhoon Pepeng makes landfall.  Here is the latest message from Mrs. Villanueva:

PLEASE HELP!!! Im appealing to all B+ friends…please text or call me 09176201969 if you can donate blood or know somebody who can. Iggy has active bleeding =(. I’m so scared that we will not have enough platelets especially since the storm is …coming. Screening starts at 7 AM at Lung Center, 8 AM at Red Cross port area and quezon city. Thank you and GOD bless…

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From Cynthia Dayco

Iggy Alert: His blood count is near critical lows. If you’re a Type B+, please go to Red Cross (Port Area) or the Lung Center on East Ave., QC immediately.

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UPDATED:Blood donors needed

Here’s a list of local Philippine National Red Cross chapters.

From Cynthia Dayco:

Update (July 18, 3:18 A.M.): To blood donors of ANY type: Iggy’s mother Beng told me that if you can make your way to the nearest Red Cross blood bank, you can donate and Beng can coordinate the rest with them. See if you can donate/reserve it in Iggy Villanueva’s name, or get a card that we can pass on to the Villanuevas.


Dear friends,

Iggy is in the Bone Marrow transplant Room 1005 of St. Luke’s. He needs daily transfusions of B+ platelet concentrate. He is stable but has super low blood counts. We need blood donors. You can proceed to St. Luke’s, or Red Cross for donations.

To those who can help with the fundraising, we have gathered enough to pay for the hospital deposit, but not enough to pay for the rest of the transplant. Our goal remains at 3 million pesos or $62,000.

Thanks and let’s all pray for Iggy’s swift recovery.

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Blood donation information

donatebloodanimationFor those who are considering donating blood on their own (as opposed to doing it through a blood drive), here is an updated directory of Philippine National Red Cross chapters with blood service facilities. Make sure to mention that your donation is for the use of Ian Gabriel Villanueva (at the National Kidney and Transplant Institute).

And to those organizing blood drives, ideally these events should be smaller, but more frequent—to ensure that there is a constant  supply of blood and that the platelets do not go to waste (as they expire about six days after the donation is made). If you are planning to hold a blood drive and there is flexibility in your schedule, please let us know so we can spread out the events and maximize the use of the donated blood.

The Philippine National Red Cross listed guidelines and basic requirements that must be met before one can become a blood donor.

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An urgent need for Type B+ blood

A message from Cynthia Dayco, a friend of Mrs. Villanueva:

Red Cross has run out of Type B+ blood. If you are in Metro Manila, please share some of your blood with Iggy. Come to NKTI or go to the nearest Red Cross office as soon as you can.

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Bacolod and Baguio blood donation events

blood_driveAt least two blood drives will be held in the next couple of weeks. The gift of blood is the gift of life, so please seriously consider becoming a donor. Your blood type does not have to match Iggy’s.  Red Cross trades its reserves of a specific blood type for other types.

If you have friends or family members in these areas, please notify them as well.  Also, if you know of any other blood drives, please let me know.

When: February 14 (9:00 am)
Where: University of Baguio (AMS food court)
Host: The Picart family

When: February 21 (9:00 am – 3:00 pm)
Where: University of St. La Salle (Benilde building, Nursing Arts Lab 2 & 4)
Host: Iggy’s high school friends (Batch of 2007)

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