Iggy’s condition went from bad to worse

From Mrs. Villanueva:

Complications involving the gastro-intestinal, kidney, lungs and heart among others developed.

His heart function is only 30%…they even fear a hole in his heart. He has pains and has difficulty in breathing.

He has and is still is being transfused with several blood products namely: WBC (white blood cell), Packed RBC (red blood cell), plasma and platelet concentrate on a daily basis.

WBC donor crisis has been answered thanks to friends from DLS-College of St. Benilde and Nurses from St. Luke’s.

His upcoming chemotherapy as well as transplant, is ON HOLD.

Visitors will definitely be limited and will be required to go through proper sterilization protocol.

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A message from Mrs. Villanueva’s friend

Cynthia Dayco:

Iggy makes an unexpected turn for the worse: lung, kidney and gastro intestinal problems among others.

Doctors and Beng are still mulling the use of this drug that will cost PHP2.4 million, which will wipe out the balance of our funds. We’ll have to renew our vigor in raising funds for Iggy’s medical care and transplant.

If you believe in God and in prayer, now’s the time to ask Him for a big, big favor.

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Message from Tita Beng:

HELP! We need B+ blood donors who are willing to go an EXTRA mile for Iggy. Now he needs WBC pure concentrate. There is extra medical preparation needed, plus 12 hours or more of your personal time. If willing please, please text or call me 09176201969. Need LOTS of donors. please….

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iCANCERvive at OR-G

Fundraiser announcement:

Join us as we continue the fight with Iggy against cancer!

Eat and drink at OR-G Cebu’s Original Grill from August 10-14 and help save a life. An additional 5 pesos will be placed on every menu item, and this 5 pesos will directly go to Iggy’s cancer fund.

Get beer buckets of 6 for as low as php180!

And come Friday, stop by as we party even harder with DJ.

Ballers in all available colors will be sold in OR-G.

INUMAN (for a cause) NA! See you there!

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The latest on Iggy

From Tita Beng:

Iggy is on his 5th day of confinement in St. Luke’s Bone Marrow Transplant Unit and his 11th day post chemo. His blood counts are expected to drop further this week.

Blood transfusions still needed on a regular basis. Also, as his blood counts drop, he is more prone to infections.

All systems go for his upcoming transplant, tentatively scheduled on August 17. Conditioning (1st phase of the transplant procedure) will start 1st week of August, GOD willing…

Iggy will have to undergo another bone marrow aspiration (BMA) by the end of the month to find out if the 5th cycle chemo worked and is back in his previous state of remission.

Although the transplant can go on even without a remission, it is best that he is. His chances of survival increases if he is in remission and dramatically drops when he is not.

Visitors will definitely be limited and will be required to go through proper sterilization protocol.

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UPDATED:Blood donors needed

Here’s a list of local Philippine National Red Cross chapters.

From Cynthia Dayco:

Update (July 18, 3:18 A.M.): To blood donors of ANY type: Iggy’s mother Beng told me that if you can make your way to the nearest Red Cross blood bank, you can donate and Beng can coordinate the rest with them. See if you can donate/reserve it in Iggy Villanueva’s name, or get a card that we can pass on to the Villanuevas.


Dear friends,

Iggy is in the Bone Marrow transplant Room 1005 of St. Luke’s. He needs daily transfusions of B+ platelet concentrate. He is stable but has super low blood counts. We need blood donors. You can proceed to St. Luke’s, or Red Cross for donations.

To those who can help with the fundraising, we have gathered enough to pay for the hospital deposit, but not enough to pay for the rest of the transplant. Our goal remains at 3 million pesos or $62,000.

Thanks and let’s all pray for Iggy’s swift recovery.

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Bad news :(

From Tita Beng:

Iggy had his bone marrow aspiration yesterday…BAD NEWS…he is in RELAPSE.

Unfortunately news came in on a 4th of July weekend. The National Marrow Donor Program is based in the US…we have to wait until late Monday or Tuesday for word from them regarding stem cell harvest…

Iggy NEEDS the transplant ASAP…before his blood cells go haywire evenmore. This is the first option…

If, by any circumstance, blood product cannot be harvested within this week, the second option is to give him another round of chemo. Unfortunately, the new chemo drug is not available here in the Philippines. Since he is in relapse, the past chemo drugs cannot be used again. Cost of new chemo drug – a staggering 2 million per cycle!

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